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Hi, everybody, Unique Larry here, Buffalo Grove. This is where I started Unique in 2003. Amazing. I love Buffalo Grove. You guys have been so supportive over the years as a lot of different cities have been. But this is where I started. So I love Buffalo Grove. Hey, if there’s anything that you guys need, just let us know. Even if it’s advice, you don’t even have to deal with this. If you don’t want to if you need advice or let’s say you need a spot cleaner, you know, we have free spot bottles.

Even if you’re not a client, I can always drop by a spot bottle to show you how good it cleans. It’s very safe and it’s no charge also, which is nice. So, again, thank you for your support over the years. Really appreciate it. Have a great one now and take care. Bye bye now.

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