“At Unique, we have always believed in the proven method of agitating the carpet fibers with a soft non-abrasive brush followed by a thorough triple clean water rinse and dry system. This is similar to the agitation that your washing machine performs and how you wash your hair etc. Using the correct agitation and proper clean water rinsing and drying, your carpet will last longer and be cleaner than ever before.”
Unique Larry

The Unique Method

1. We thoroughly vacuum your carpet.

2. Then we rotary shampoo your entire carpet with a soft non- abrasive brush to loosen the deep embedded unseen soil particles as well as the surface oily grit.

3. Next, we rinse the entire carpet with clean water at least two to three times. This ensures deep-down soil and residue removal. Rinsing with clean hot water (for synthetic materials, cold for wool) ensures that residue is removed and does not attract soil to your carpet which will keep your carpets cleaner longer.

4. We actually get on our hands and knees to get at those hard to get areas along the baseboards, door jambs and around all floor vents.

5. Your stairs are completely hand washed and rinsed at least 4 times. This process takes a little more time, but the results will astound you.


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