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So your carpet is not looking so good or you’ve got spots all over the house? You, like most other people, have seen those advertisements on TV where you can get 4 rooms steam cleaned for $99 or some other unbelievable amount. You have undoubtedly been lured into thinking that maybe carpet cleaning is really that simple. Maybe you even had them come in. Then one ugly morning, 3 months later, you wake up in Glencoe Illinois to find that the carpet looks as bad as it did or maybe even worse. What? The $99 steam cleaner didn’t work?

So you call Unique Upholstery, Carpet & Rug Cleaning, a professional carpet cleaning company. We arrive and inspect your carpets and let you know that it’s not too late. As experts in the carpet cleaning industry, we inform you that your carpets are not ruined, its just the “steam cleaners” only brushed over the surface. They didn’t pull out the dirt and soil that’s deep in the carpet fibers.

So we bring in our equitpment into your Glencoe home and you immediately see the difference. We use a combination of shampooing and clean hot water rinsing and drying. After vacuuming, we shampoo your entire carpet with a soft rotary brush to loosen the deep embedded soil particles as well as the surface oily grit. We rinse the entire carpet with clean, hot water at least two to three times. This ensures deep-down soil and residue removal.

Rinsing with clean, hot water ensures that residue is removed and does not attract soil to your carpet which will keep your carpets cleaner longer in your Glencoe home. We get on our hands and knees to get at those hard to get areas along the baseboards, door jambs and around floor vents.

Your life is happy and back to normal, as your carpets look as good as new.

And they stay cleaner for a lot longer. We usually recommend to our Glencoe customers to have their carpets professionally cleaned the Unique way once a year to not only keep your carpets looking like they did when they were installed, it also keeps most carpet warrantees intact. So when you want your carpets really really clean, call a professional carpet cleaner. Call Unique.

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