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What is Urine?
Urine contains uric acid, yellow pigment, urea, enzymes and other chemicals. Uric acid begins to change immediately upon leaving your pet’s body. The warm acid state of the urine offers a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This can cause a color change in the carpet which can become permanent if the urine is not removed immediately.

The source of odors associated with urine comes from bacteria which grows abundantly in dark, warm places (carpeting).

Where does urine come from?
Sounds like a silly question. A dog or cat that weighs less than five pounds will produce more than ten gallons of urine per year. If the animal concentrates most of that into an area of less than 100 square feet, which many do, the problem can be extensive.

Home Remedy
The best home remedy is to blot repeatedly with a clean white towel to absorb the liquid. Of course if you had one, an extraction machine would be most helpful for additional removal. After the spot has completely dried, blotting a solution of one half white vinegar and one half warm water into the area may help.

Our Unique urine solution
1. For mild cases, we clean and decontaminate from the surface using a heavy duty pre-treatment solution followed by a thorough cleaning and extraction. We treat the surface with a powerful decontamination treatment using a specially formulated product which loosens the dog, cat, and pet urine salts for easier removal than just home cleaning alone can do. We follow with a deep cleaning process to remove as much urine as possible from the carpet fibers. When done there are usually no urine spots or pet odors left in your carpets.

2. For complete restoration of severe cases, CALL UNIQUE and we will pull up the carpet in the infected areas and remove the contaminated padding, tackless strips and baseboards etc. This is followed by a complete saturation of both sides of the carpet with our urine pretreatment. We then thoroughly clean, rinse and extract both sides of the carpet, followed by a treatment of our powerful decontamination solution.

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