The Unique team is known first and foremost for their reliability and integrity. They are always there when you need them, and will make sure to call you if they are running ahead or behind schedule. They respect YOUR time.

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Alfonso Alanis
Edgar Alanis
Unique Larry
Hugo Garcia
Serafin Ruiz
Jose Alanis

Unique has rewarded our team members by sending them to IICRC education and training. This way, they are above the curve on the latest trends, techniques, and methods for making your home sparkle. However, cleaning isn’t the only thing Unique cares about- we want you to feel comfortable ALL the time, so we also invest in customer relations classes.

Just remember- you and your home always come first to Unique.

But it’s not all work and learning for this team; on any given holiday, you might find them playing Whirleyball, barbequing or playing bumper cars! Who doesn’t love a company who focuses on the things that matter most: Playing hard and working harder!

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