Why is Unique Upholstery, Carpet and Rug Cleaning So Unique?


Compared to most steam cleaners (also called hot water extraction methods):

  • Unique always confers with clients before beginning to find out all areas of concern
  • Unique always vacuums the carpet (really well!) prior to cleaning
  • Unique always cleans right to the edge of all carpet, including the corners of every room.
  • Unique always rotary shampoos all carpet to agitate and dissolve water and oil-based soils
  • Unique always places protective tarps on floors and also uses wall protectors to prevent any damage
  • Unique always triple rinses all carpet with clean water to remove all residue (even residue from previous cleanings)
  • Unique always hand shampoos all stairs followed by a quadruple clean water rinse and dry
  • Unique always does a final inspection of all cleaned areas
  • Unique will always respect your home and will be extremely careful with all items moved
  • Unique will always be courteous and friendly in your home
  • Unique will always take our time to make sure you are absolutely amazed at the results
  • Unique will always return at no charge if any spots reappear after cleaning

If you want the Unique experience in your home, give us a call! We proudly serve the North Shore and Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

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