When you think of fabric protection, you would think of protecting your furniture or drapes from stains. However, with so many fabric protection sprays, paints and other types of fabric protection products on the market, it’s easy to get confused so we’ve decided to bust some common myths and expose the truth about protecting your fabric furniture, drapes, etc.

Fabric protection myth #1: You can’t clean your furniture, drapes or any other fabrics if you apply a fabric protector

Many people don’t realize that it’s possible to clean fabrics that are protected with a fabric protector. This is a common myth and it’s actually the complete opposite of the truth. The protector won’t affect how well you can clean your furniture. In fact, it will prevent the dirt and stains from soaking into the fabric so it’s much easier to clean afterwards! Pretty convenient, isn’t it? It’s also important to note that fabric protectors do not stain the fabric, they only add a film which you can easily remove with soap and water!

While it is true that newspaper and other print materials shouldn’t be protected with a fabric protector, there are a number of other items that fabric protection can be added to without causing problems. In fact, you can even apply a fabric protector to your bed sheets or blankets. Fabric protection is a vital part of protecting your fabrics from dirt and water so they can remain strong and beautiful. After they’re protected, you can feel good knowing that they’ll remain strong and beautiful for a long time to come.

Fabric protection myth #2: Fabric protection is a scam

One of the most common myths when it comes to fabric protection is that it’s a scam. This myth is so prevalent that it has been featured on many different websites, blogs, and companies! However, fabric protection can actually help your fabric. Fabric protection products, when used correctly, will help protect your fabric from stains and accidents. Fabric protection products can be like a guardian angel for your furniture. Remember, it’s always important to read the instructions before applying a fabric protection product!

Fabric protection myth #3: Fabric protection is just like paint

I’m sure you’ve seen fabric protection sprays on the internet and in stores, but you may not know what they are, how they work and how they can benefit your fabrics. Fabric protection sprays are designed to coat the fibers in your fabric. This will give your fabrics a layer a protection and make it so that they are less susceptible to stains, spills and dirt. If you want your furniture to last longer, then you should give fabric protection a shot.

Fabric protection is NOT just like paint. Fabric protection is made with a unique chemical compound that allows the protection to stay on top of the fabric; protecting it from UV rays and spills… and without affecting the color of the fabric or its breathability.

Fabric protection myth #4: Fabric protection is just like a stain guard

Fabric protection is more than a stain guard. Most stain guards coat fabrics with a thin layer of plastic that will wear off over time and trap dirt. Fabric protection penetrates deep into the fabric to permanently lock in the color and keep it from fading. This can save lots of money and time!

Fabric protection prevents fabrics from damaging themselves by premature aging. Fabric protection can help fabrics maintain their original color and texture for a longer period of time, along with resisting different chemicals that can damage fabrics over time.

Fabric protection myth #5: Fabric protection will keep your fabric clean

Fabric protection is a useful tool that helps keep your clothes and other fabrics clean by repelling dirt and stains. While it is true that fabric protection will protect your clothes, fabric protection is not a substitute for washing your clothes. In fact, most fabric protection will eventually wash off. If you don’t want to be cleaning your clothes all the time, use a stain remover to remove the stain rather than waiting for the fabric protection to work. After all, you paid good money for that fabric protection and you need it to last as long as possible.

Fabric protection will keep your fabric clean, but only for a little while. The water-based protectors will make the fabric feel oily and will attract dirt, dust and odor causing bacteria. Washing the fabric without proper protection will cause it to wear faster. Fabric protector is not supposed to be your clothing’s permanent conditioner. It’s designed to keep dirt, grime, and stains away while your clothing is in storage. It’s not a substitute for proper washing. In other words, don’t rely on fabric protector as your only source of protection. It will not wash away the dirt and grime.

Why you should consider fabric protection

If you follow our blog, you’ll see that there are plenty of reasons why fabric protection is the right choice for you and your home. We hope you are interested in purchasing fabric protection from us! We want to make sure you understand why fabric protection is the right choice for you and your home. So, let’s start with your couch. Your couch is a big investment. It looks great and you enjoy having people over to spend time on it. That’s why we recommend covering it with a protection so you can have it for a long time. We recommend you cover your couch with fabric protection. We also offer protection for your upholstered chairs and other fabrics, such as throw pillows and bed spreads. We hope you will purchase fabric protection in the future!

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