Why Carpet is Still a Great Choice for Your Home

puppy-on-white-carpet-1366x768The trend toward hardwood flooring and tile is understandable. Hardwood flooring in particular is beautiful and lasts a long time.

However, there is a case for carpet as well. Here are some great reasons to install carpet in your home or at least part of your home.

Feel: Carpeting just feels good, especially a high quality one. Curling up in front of the fireplace on a cold winter’s day on hardwood just isn’t the same. It also gives a “softer” feel to the home.

Appearance: Carpeting comes in every color possible and adds to the décor with myriads of patterns and pile heights. Carpeting can really create the image you want in your home or business.

Insulation: Carpet can help save energy. It insulates floors and also provides a  psychological feeling of warmth.

Acoustics: Several studies find that carpets absorb sound and carpets with padding further enhance this ability.

Cost savings: Carpeting usually costs less over time than hard surface flooring to purchase, clean, and maintain.*

Safety: Invariably, slip-and-fall accidents occur on hard surface floors, not carpeted floors.

Health: Carpeting actually traps allergens, dust, and other contaminants, holding them until they can be properly removed.

Easier to maintain: Carpeting is less labor intensive to clean and maintain than hard surface flooring and therefore can cost less to maintain over time.

Sustainable: New technologies have been introduced allowing old carpet to be recycled into new carpet or other products; according to one manufacturer’s study, of 121 million pounds of worn carpet collected, 85 percent was recycled into new carpet, eliminating the need for acquiring raw materials.

* According to a 2003 Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

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