Does carpet cleaning really make carpets get dirty faster?

We get a lot of great questions from people, and this is one of the most popular.

unique larry and willyQ: Can you explain why I find that once my carpets are cleaned, they seem to attract soil more quickly and stay wet for a long time. AND, my carpets seem to need cleaning even MORE often. Why?

A: That is actually true with many cleaning methods because soap or chemical residues left behind in the carpets naturally attract soil. These residues must be completely rinsed out with a complete extraction to ensure the carpeting or upholstery has a bright and new appearance. If you don’t extract the soil in your carpet with clean hot water after a rotary shampoo, the soil may resurface later.

Using our “Unique Technique”, we rinse the entire carpet with clean, hot water at least two to three times. We often get comments that our customers can actually see a big difference in the color of the carpeting or upholstery once we’ve loosened the embedded soil and extracted that residue. And, there’s no soap left behind to attract new soil. If you want to get the Unique Technique on your carpets and upholstery, give us a call! We serve Chicago’s North Shore and Northwest Suburbs.

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