Fresh Ways to Keep Your Shaggy Carpet Clean

Shag carpet is not like regular carpeting, it is plush and soft and can be hard to clean, this is why it is best to have shag carpeting as throw rugs and not as a permanent carpet throughout your home.

 How often you should clean your shag carpeting is dependent on how often you use it, however it is best,  you should clean it at least once or twice a week. Otherwise, dirt and debris could sink towards the bottom of the carpeting and cause permanent damage to the fibers. Shag is a high-maintenance carpet material, though fortunately, cleaning it rarely takes more than a good vacuuming would.

Consider buying a broom or a rake specifically designed for shag carpeting. These tools can help move dirt and debris out of the carpet and into an area where it’s easier to vacuum up. 

Prevention is the best way to protect against shag carpeting. As far as possible, avoid having anyone eat or drink in rooms where there’s shag carpeting. Don’t put shag carpeting down where people might step barefoot; if they’re going to be walking through there, make sure their feet are clean before doing so. If you don’t already have one, consider putting something like a dirt-grabber mat right next to your shag carpeting so that any dirt that gets tracked into the house doesn’t get stuck there.

If there’s any chance at all for natural light to come into the room, then open the curtains and turn off the lights so that the sun hits the floor first thing every morning. You don’t need to worry if your carpeting is removable; you can even put it out in good weather! This helps loosen dirt and makes the carpet easier to clean. Consistent care is essential to the long-term protection of your carpet, so the more often you can do this, the better.

There is a way to use a vacuum on shag carpet, the best vacuum cleaners for shag carpeting have variable height settings that can keep the most powerful suction away from the carpet fibers. Long bristles can agitate dirt in the carpet and make it easy to vacuum out, so those are also helpful.

Mold spores are everywhere. They thrive in damp conditions, and they love carpeting. It’s no wonder mold grows on shag carpets so easily. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of mold in shag carpeting without having to replace the entire floor covering.

For a fast clean, mix equal parts white vinegar and water, then pour onto stains and hang the carpet up to dry. For regular cleaning, shake it outside, then hang it face-down and use a long-handled broom or mop to strike it and knock the dirt out.

Remember, don’t panic when it comes to cleaning your shag carpet – follow some simple steps and your shag carpet will remain like new.

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