Kids Back in School? Clean this… and that!

A new school year is about to start up again and this is the time when your kids are out of the house and you see all the dirt and grime you may have missed while they were at home. Yes, you will miss their adorable faces, but think of the dirt, mess and disorganization you may have experienced while they were home.

Now is the time to lift those cushions, move the sofa and dust those bookshelves. Instead of spring cleaning, this can be called a home re-set. The beginning of the school year is the perfect time for a home re-set because there are no interruptions during the day, you can focus on projects you wanted to tackle as well as cleaning and organizing that you didn’t have the chance to do over the summer. 

Summertime is a lot of fun for kids, they swim, run, bike and are very active, they play in the dirt, the sandbox and sometimes the beach. Kids bring home a lot of dirt, bacteria, grime and sometimes slime and don’t even know it. Just stepping in your home after a day out playing can bring in a ton of bacteria and dirt which is definitely a health hazard.

One of the main areas that suffer from all this fun are your carpets. Carpeting attracts dirt, bacteria and allergens and can be impossible to see, it’s been accumulating over the summer. This is why when the summer ends, the real cleaning begins. No matter how many times you vacuum, without a proper carpet cleaning, you will never get up all the dirt and allergens attached to you carpet. It is always best to hire a professional carpet cleaner when the summer ends.

Here are some end of summer tips for cleaning your home. 

To start, make a plan, look around and write a list of all that you see. Pick the worst first and tackle that, what stands out to you? What has been missed and needs the most attention? Baseboards? Carpet? Mopping the floors? Once the worst is done, everything else will be easy. Let’s begin.

Dust. Dust is everywhere. You can’t hide from it or escape it. It is on the drapes, window blinds, baseboards and carpet. It is probably best to start up high and work your way down, dust the window blinds, the ceiling fans, the air vents, the bookshelves and the baseboards. When you dust, the dust particles float in the air and settle on the floor, so it is best to start here.

Next, is the upholstered furniture. Lift the cushions and shake them out, then vacuum the base of the sofa and chairs, it is also a good idea to vacuum the drapes, around the baseboards (for any missed dust) and in trunks or bins. One of the most important parts of a home re-set is the vacuuming, vacuum everything. 

After all that vacuuming of your carpet, you should  schedule a time for a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpets, drapes and upholstery.  Everything settles in the carpet, so cleaning your carpet a few times a year is one of the best things you can do the keep your home as clean as possible. 

If you work from room to room and floor to floor (always best to start at the top and work your way down), before you know it, your home will be like new. Then try and create a normal cleaning routine and only perform a deep clean or complete house re-set once a year.

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