Larry the “GERMINATOR” and his team don’t play games…

Herm the Germ”
Loves Hide ‘n Seek

Unfortunately, Larry the “GERMINATOR” and his team don’t play games…

Who knows if Herm the Germ” has set up shop in your home or office? Stay at Home helps keep us safe. But everyone stuck at home has put a year’s worth of soil, dander, drool, urine, feces, grime, and sweat on your floors and furniture in a matter of weeks. And Herm loves to hide!

Extreme Cleaning for Extreme Times

Unique Larry and Willy have been on the prowl, making sure Herm has NO place to hide in your home or office. That’s why they are excited to announce UDTThe Unique Disinfection Technique. Our EPA approved disinfectant will safely leave surfaces ultra-clean and sanitary.

Snow Angel Clean…

The Unique Disinfection Technique is a two-step process that packs a punch when it comes to killing sneaky, hidden germs. First, our “GERMINATOR” team looks the part. Disinfectant… check. Face mask… check. Shoe covers… check. Gloves… check.

Next, the team will apply a safe but oh-so-effective Botanical Disinfectant to all surfaces to be cleaned. We’re talking hardwood floors, tile & grout, stone & ceramic tile, carpets, area rugs, furniture, and mattresses. Totally safe for people and pets, but really bad for germs. Step one, done.

Next comes the real muscle. After thoroughly shampooing all carpet and furniture, our scorching 200+ degree hot water rinse and extraction technique will send “Herm the Germ” and all the gunky residue he came with down the drain. What’s left is so clean and sanitary you want to do a snow angel on your carpet and rugs.

Offices Deserve the Same

You don’t live there, but you might spend more time at the office than at home. Why not get it as clean and safe as your home? The same Unique Disinfection Technique works wonders at work too! UDT will thoroughly disinfect and clean desks, tables, computers, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, doorknobs, light switches, bathrooms, and any other areas of concern. What’s more important than your employee’s health and safety?

“Larry The Germinator” is accepting appointments now and is compiling his list of first come first serve clients. Avoid the rush and get on the list. The finish line is in sight. We’re ready, and we’re booking up fast. Don’t worry about “Herm the Germ.” We’ll get him!!!

Call Unique Larry “THE GERMINATOR” today and get on the schedule now!

847 459-1600

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