Oh No! Spills then Spots on my Upholstery

spots on my upholstery

Spills then spots, Spills then spots… what to do with a spot on my upholstery?!

It is practically impossible to avoid spots on your upholstery. Food falls, drinks spill, it’s unavoidable, but I am quite sure a responsible furniture owner knows that any spill on upholstery should be cleaned immediately before it turns into a stain. It’s really really important to know that spots can be cleaned, stains are permanent.

First things first – the second there is a spill, blot, don’t wipe¬†immediately. Wiping pushes the spill further into the fibers. If it is food that spills, after picking it up, blot it up.¬† Also, it is recommended that upholstery be vacuumed frequently to keep the fabric in good shape and prevent dust and crumbs from falling into the furniture. In the case of an old spot that has not turned into a stain, it’s surprising what a little vacuuming can do. You don’t know how bad the spot really is until all of the loose particles have been sucked away by the vacuum. The next thing to do, depending on the spill, use a damp cloth and blot the area where the spill is. If the spot still remains, they tell you to try baking soda mixture since a lot of people say it works. Please be careful with this, give me a call if you have any questions. They say to sprinkle the spot with baking soda and let it sit for about 30 minutes – they say you can leave it for up to an hour, then vacuum. But you must be very careful when using this method, a spot can become a stain. A spot can be removed, a stain is permanent.

If the spot is still that stubborn, they say you can make a simple cleaner which should tackle the spot. Combine 1 tsp. dishwashing liquid, 1 Tbsp. white vinegar and 1 cup of warm water in a small spray bottle. Next, add 1 tsp. baking soda and quickly screw the top onto the spray bottle. Spray the solution onto a white cloth and gently dab or rub the spot, then let it dry. Once again if the proper steps have not been followed, the spot can become a stain. I hate to see something that is really simple become a permanent problem. So, please, please give me a call with any questions.

If your spot has survived this entire cleaning process, they tell you that you are dealing with one stubborn spot. As exhausting and possibly irritating as the process can be, they say to do it all over again and hopefully give you the result you’re looking for. Unfortunately, what happens is the spot is now becoming a stain. Stains are permanent.

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