What Every Homeowner Ought To Know About Keeping Carpet Clean

Although it seems as though we’re surrounded by carpet these days, the reality is that most of us keep our carpets pretty far from fresh. Carpeted rooms typically are used daily – which can contribute to dirt, sweat, humidity, dust, and other allergens collecting in places you don’t need them to be. This is why keeping your carpets clean is essential to maintaining their appearance – and why regular carpet cleaning services are so important too. If you thought your carpets were just dirty because you have pets or kids in the house who track dirt everywhere, think again. The truth is that even if you do have those things and other factors like high humidity levels or pet dander that cause dirt and grime to stick around in your carpets on their own, there are still some other common causes of dirty carpets that end up making them in need of cleaning.

Are You Using the Wrong Carpet Cleaner?

Carpets are a natural habitat for a lot of different things. When they’re left untreated, all those things can lead to dirt and grime building up on your carpet. For instance, if you have kids who play in your home, those playful and fun loving children will be your biggest culprit when it comes to the buildup of dirt in your carpet. If you happen to have pets too, there’s a good chance that they’re also contributing to the dirt and grime buildup on your carpet which means that you’ll also need to use a pet cleaner during regular cleaning sessions so that you can get rid of all the pet odors and bacteria in their fur.

Your Puppy Has Acclimated to Being Dirty

Yes, your pet is probably getting dirty as they roam around your home, but that doesn’t mean your carpet is necessarily getting any cleaner. Your pets can get used to living in an environment that’s full of dirt and debris and they’ll expect it so it becomes normal for them. The same goes for kids who have gotten used to the messiness of their surroundings. This means that when you vacuum or clean your carpets like you’re supposed to, your pets and children may not understand what’s going on or why it’s important for them to be clean either.

You’re Sweating a Lot in Your Carpets

It’s not a secret that humans sweat a lot. These small droplets of moisture are released from your body and they’re what cause the smell of sweat in your carpet. Obviously, if you want to keep your carpets clean then you’re going to want to limit the amount that you sweat in them. But even if you follow all the rules and try to keep your home as pest-free as possible, it still won’t be enough if you wear heavy clothes or exercise in your carpets too much.

You Have Heavy Foot Traffic

If you have a lot of foot traffic in your home or you live in an apartment building, chances are your carpets will get dirty pretty quickly. Heavy foot traffic is one of the most common reasons why carpets can get uncleaner than they need to be. If your carpet is near the stairs, entrance, or other busy areas where people walk a lot, it’s going to collect dirt and dust that won’t go away as quickly as it would if it was on the opposite side of the room. If you want to maintain a clean-looking carpet and keep stains from building up, it’s important to use regular carpet cleaning services to help keep them rather than worrying about them getting cleaner on their own.

You’ve Got Dust Collecting in Your Carpets

The most obvious sign of unclean carpeting is the presence of dust. Dust can be caused by many factors, such as the settling of particles that are off-gassed from your carpet fibers or from particles that have been tracked in from outside via shoes, pets, or dirt that’s tracked in through the bedroom door. More likely than not, you’ve got dust collecting on your carpets and it’s time to take action!

There Are Molds and Yeast Growing in Your Carpets

Molds and fungi thrive in damp indoor environments. The warm, moist conditions in a carpet are perfect for mold to grow – and as soon as it does, the mold produces a substance called mycotoxins that can negatively impact your health. These toxins can cause symptoms like nausea, vomiting and dizziness, but they also have the power to induce asthma attacks and other serious respiratory complications. The longer you wait before cleaning them, the more likely it is that the spores will spread – which makes cleaning your carpets even more crucial. If you don’t want to take any chances with your breathing or health, then it’s time to schedule a professional cleaning.

Summing up

All carpets collect airborne allergens like dust, dander and pet hair over time. Even carpet that is regularly cleaned can collect these particles in areas of high traffic. This means that you should consider cleaning your carpets more frequently to keep them from becoming dirtier than they need to be. On average, it takes just a few days for a carpet to become filled with these unwanted guests. If you notice an increase of warning signs on your skin or symptoms that don’t seem right, it might be time to get the professionals involved and clean up those carpets before they get too dirty! Dirt in between the fibers, like dust, dander and other particles tend to accumulate along the edges of fibers in carpeting throughout visible places where they can get trapped easily – like at doorways or around furniture legs. If you see dust or other particles accumulating near the edge of a fiber, this is a sign that there might be dirt stuck inside between the fibers too and if left untreated, will cause damage over time. Use an industrial vacuum cleaner for quick pickups but call for professional help immediately if your carpet needs deep cleaning. No one wants dirty carpets!

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