Why Is Unique Upholstery, Carpet & Rug Cleaning So Unique?

Compared to most steam cleaners (also called hot water extraction method cleaners):

  • Unique always rotary shampoos all carpet to agitate and dissolve water and oil-based soil.
  • Unique always cleans right to the edge of all carpet, including the corners of every room.
  • Unique always confers with clients before beginning in order to find out all areas of concern.
  • Unique always vacuums the carpet prior to cleaning.
  • Unique always places protective tarps on floors and wall protectors for maximum damage protection.
  • Unique always triple rinses all carpet with clean water to remove all residue (even residues from previous cleanings by others!).
  • Unique always hand shampoos all stairs followed by a quadruple clean water rinse and dry
  • Unique always does a final inspection of all cleaned areas
  • Unique will always respect your home and will be extremely careful with all items moved
  • Unique will always be courteous and friendly in your home
  • Unique will always take our time to make sure you are absolutely amazed at the results
  • Unique will always return at no charge if any spots reappear after cleaning

unique method

This Unique system will always deep clean to the bottom of the fibers and never go to the padding. Your carpet will not only look cleaner, but will stay cleaner longer as there is no residue to re-attract soil. One of the main concerns is that when carpets are cleaned with some other methods, they will attract dust and soil in the air from residue left in the carpet. Would you ever clean anything and not rinse it thoroughly with water? Your clothes, car, hair, body, and dishes are always rinsed thoroughly to be truly clean. It’s the same with us. Your carpet will be damp when we leave, but you can walk on it with the Unique shoe coverings we leave for you.


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