Is Hard Flooring Really Better Than Carpet?

questionHave you heard that if you replace your carpets with hard flooring, your indoor air quality will be better and you will have fewer allergies?

The fact is, both carpeting and hard flooring can be good or bad for your indoor air quality. It all comes down to maintenance.

Carpets have gotten a bad reputation over the years as being “dirt traps.” This is true – if they are not cleaned, and cleaned thoroughly by a professional, on a regular basis. The bottom line is that carpets must be cleaned on a regular basis. When you compare and really analyze all living conditions in today’s world, carpet actually makes a healthier home. Unlike hard flooring, you don’t have the dust load floating around in the air – IF carpets are cleaned regularly by professionals (like us!!).

Pet dander and dust mites are often blamed for allergic reactions. Both can be found on hard floors, and both can definitely build up on carpets. The same goes for tobacco smoke, pollens, the dirt you track in from the outside, etc. With just a small amount of air movement on a hard floor, allergens are swept up into the air and into the respiratory systems of those who occupy your home.

When in carpet, these allergens do not tend to get swept into the air, so yes, they do get trapped in carpets. But with professional and regular cleaning, these particles can be removed, keeping allergen levels low.

So, you really have two healthy flooring options:

Option #1: Hard floors, which do not hold onto dirt and contaminants, but allow dirt and contaminants to circulate in the air until they are removed.

Option #2: Carpet and rugs, which hold onto dirt and contaminants until the carpet is vacuumed and cleaned.

Your best option? Clean each surface with the same dedication and you will have better air quality no matter what.

Regular cleaning makes any building or home healthier. Don’t blame your flooring type – instead, give it the maintenance it needs. 

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