How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

unique larry and willyWe recently got this question on our blog: 

“How often should I have my carpets cleaned?”

Unique Larry’s answer:
If there aren’t any pet issues (urine, fecal & vomit), then your carpets should be cleaned roughly once a year with our method of cleaning. You will find that when we thoroughly shampoo followed by a triple rinse and extract and dry method, the carpet and furniture will stay cleaner longer. Remember, it’s not only what you see that is the issue. Oils and grit work their way into the bottom of the carpet fibers and cannot be seen to the naked eye. This unseen particles is what prematurely wears out carpet fibers and causes distortion also.

If there are pet issues, then carpet cleaning probably needs to be done more often.  We specialize in removing pet odors and pet urine, so give us a call to have the BEST carpet cleaning experience you have ever had!

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